Open hours, Monday-Friday from 6:45 am to 6:30 pm.    

 Please ensure that your dog arrives on a leash.  

Drop off time is between 6:45am-10am.  

The office is closed Monday - Friday from 12-2pm for nap time.

Our staff goes off duty at 6:30 pm and a late fee will be charged for any dog remaining after 6:30 pm. 

To ensure that your dog can attend on any given day, we encourage reservations 24 hours in advance. 

   We provide

Separate Play area for small breeds, large breeds and puppies 10-26 weeks

Rubber matted floors for your dog's safety

Climate Controlled facility 

Constant supervision from a caring staff

Socialization with canine friends 


Reinforcement of basic commands

Nap time from noon to 2:00 pm.  Individual kennels are provided for each dog. 

Fresh water to drink

Mealtime, if provided by owner. 

On call Vet

2110 NE Aloclek Dr. Ste 620  Hillsboro, OR  97124 

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