Internet Camera Instructions
After selecting the camera that you wish to view, click on the appropriate link. A new instance of your web browser will open. In this browser window, you must make a selection:

Microsoft Windows Users:
If your web browser program of choice is Internet Explorer, click on either View Video – Active X Mode or View Video – Java Mode. The option that you chose is dependent on whether or not you have Java installed on your computer. If Java is not installed, then you must choose the View Video – Active X Mode. If you are prompted to download and install an Active X control, this is OK. A download of this file and its install is required to use this mode for the camera viewing. If you don’t wish to allow the install of the Active X control, then you will need to have Java installed in order to use Java mode. If your web browser program is Mozilla Firefox, Netscape Navigator, Netscape Communicator, Opera, or any other alternative web browser program, then your only option is Java mode. Again, you must have Java installed in order to view the video using Java mode.

MacOS Users:
The same guidelines apply to you regarding browser choices of Internet Explorer or Firefox. If you are a user of the MacOS web browser called Safari, this video viewing may not work for you.  We suggest if you have troubles with viewing the video using Safari as your browser, that you download and install either Internet Explorer or Firefox for the Mac. We do not take responsibility for your computers in-operability as a result of installing the aforementioned software. It is a simple process to download and install either Internet Explorer or Firefox. However, if you have no experience with installing software on your computer, please consider having a person with this experience do it for you.

You are welcome to click on the Zoom buttons, but please do not click on the Upload Video or E-Mail Video buttons. Clicking these will not do anything except place an undue load on our network. They are not configured for use, and any IP address found to be clicking on these buttons more than a time or two will be subject to being blocked from viewing the cameras at our web site.

We have provided this overview in the hopes that it will answer any questions that you might have about viewing your dog at play through our network of cameras. We do not, however, provide technical support for those unable to view the video.

Connect to cameras
Connect to cameras
Connect to cameras
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