Why should I bring my dog to daycare?  Because exposing your dog to different experiences like other people and other dogs is the foundation for a well-socialized dog.  Participating in daycare may also help to reduce negative behavior like excessive chewing, barking, or soiling the floor when you are not at home.  Or if you are not able to exercise your dog on a regular basis daycare is a great place for your dog to get an energy burn.  
How often should I bring my dog to daycare?  Average attendance is twice a week.  We recommend at least once a week; however, you may bring your dog as often as you would like or every once in awhile.  It's up to you.
What services do you offer? 
 Large Dog Daycare
    Small Dog Daycare
    Puppy Romp 
What are your hours of operation?  We are openM-F from 6:45 am to 6:30 pm.  Please ensure that your dog arrives on a leash.  Our staff goes off duty at 6:30 pm and there will be a late fee charged for any dog remaining after 6:45 pm.   We will be closed on all major holidays.
Where are you located? Schroeder's Denis located at2110 NW Aloclek Drive, Suite 620in the Cornelius Pass Business Park in the high-tech Sunset corridor just South of Cornell Road off of Cornelius Pass Road.
Directions:  From the intersection of Cornell Road and Cornelius Pass Road travel South on Cornelius Pass Rd to the second light (about 1/4 mile) and turn left onto Aloclek Drive.  After turning you'll see the Cornelius Pass Business Park on your right.  We're located in the far back corner, furthest southeast corner of the complex.
What is the facility like?  Our main play area is 2,500 square feet, which includes a mezzanine, moveable fencing to create extra play spaces, a new client introduction area,rubber matted floors, a large plastic play structure, heat and air conditioning, and web cameras.  Our reception/office area is 1,250 square feet.
What happens at a temperament evaluation?First, you and your dog will meet with a staff member to  review your application and answer any questions you may have.  Because the safety and well being of your dog is our priority, we conduct these evaluations to make sure that our daycare is a good fit for your dog.  Then your dog will be introduced to and "sniffed" by a few of our other canine clients.  Once your dog lets us know that he wants to play with the "group", he will spend the rest of the evaluation in the main play area with the rest of our canine clients.  The evaluation will last four hours and will cost $16.00. Please make arrangements for your dog to be picked up when the evaluation is complete.
What do you do in case of an emergency?  We will contact our on-call vet, Rock Creek Veterinary Clinic, to receive instruction and then contact you.
What happens in case of a dogfight? Dogfights are not as common as you may think.  In fact, they are pretty rare.   But even the best of dogs can have a bad day and become easily annoyed by another.  If this happens, we will give the instigator some "time out".  But because the dogs are constantly supervised, our trained staff will not let a scuffle turn into a riot. 
What are your rates?  Please refer to ourRatespage for details.
Do you require reservations?  Because our space is limited, we recommend that you make a reservation at least 24 hours in advance to ensure that your dog can attend on any given day. 
What do I need to do for my dog to be able to play atSchroeder's Den  If you feel that your dog meets ourWho Can Playguidelines, then you will need to complete anapplicationand sign ourTerms of Agreementform (we apologize but this is a non-printable form.  If you complete an online application, we will have the Terms of Agreement form ready for your signature at the facility).  You may apply online or you can drop by the facility and pick up the forms or you can call us and we would be happy to fax or mail the forms to you. Once we review your forms and receive a record of your dog's vaccinations and rabies certificate, we will contact you to schedule a temperament evaluation.
2110 NW Aloclek Dr., Suite 620  Hillsboro, OR     503-614-9899
Open M-F, 6:45 am to 6:30 pm
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